Numbers in Brithenig

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1 yn 6 sei 11 ynniġ 16 yn e chindiġ
2 dew 7 seth 12 dewddiġ 17 dew e chinniġ
3 trui 8 oeth 13 truiddiġ 18 dewnoe
4 cathr 9 noe 14 cathorddiġ 19 cathr e chinniġ
5 cinc 10 deġ 15 kinniġ 20 gweint
21 yn e weint
30 deġ e weint 40 dew weint
50 deġ e ddew weint 60 trui weint
70 deġ e thrui weint 80 cathr gweint
90 deġ e chathr gweint 100 cent
1000 mil 1000000 milliwn
0 sero, rhen . puith

Numbers precede the noun being counted. Yn causes feminine nouns to soften; dew, trui and sei cause following nouns to undergo spirant mutation; other numbers come before nouns without causing mutation. When the noun following dew and trui is a feminine collective of a masculine noun (see above under nouns) then the noun undergoes soft mutation rather than spirant mutation.

Before a noun cinc, gweint and cent become cin, gwein and cen. The noun being counted is always singular.

Big numbers are put before nouns in two different ways:

yn of e chinniġ, sixteen men

yn e chinniġ di llo h-of, sixteen (of the) men

Ordinal numbers exist for one to ten:

1st prif 6th seist
2nd segun 7th sethif
3rd terth 8th oethif
4th carth 9th noef
5th kint 10th degif

In shorthand these are reduced to the number and the last two letters of the ordinal spelling.

'Once, twice, three times' are made with using the cardinal number with the noun gweġ: yn weġ, dew weġ, trui weġ, cathr gweġ.