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Table of contents


  • an-bol n. the sun
  • ang pos. within, inside
  • a-pen n. possessions, inventory (used for alienable possession)
  • a-phel v. be divided on one end; be fringed; fork


  • ba mk. for n. topic: ingohba "as for trout"
  • ble-uhn brown [from English]
  • blu blue [from English]
  • boh mk. for v. perfect aspect: bohguƛan "have found"


  • fv. causative


  • e pos. with (instrumental)
  • e-ƛin adj.bin. whole, entire
  • en-kà n. a row of teeth


  • ga-te n. house
  • gitw mk. for n. collective: gitwingoh "school of trout"
  • gle gray [from English]
  • glin green [from English]
  • gr̀ pron.pers. (third person, short or low things; informal; near speaker)
  • grq mk. for v. disapprobative mood: grqguƛan "find in a way I don't like"; cf. phli
  • gu-ƛan v. find, discover


  • i mk. for v. fictive (irrealis, infinitive) ilamen "to color"/"may color"
  • i-ka-ƛi v. trade, barter, exchange
  • i-loh yellow [from English yellow.]
  • i-ngoh n. trout
  • ix mk. for adj. lesser positive (ixüsli "a little bit red, just barely red")
  • i-xli-` mk. for v. to do the opposite of or reverse the effects of: ixliiƛan "misplace"


  • ka-she n. event, happening
  • kha-men black
  • khe-o-qloh v. win, gain, acquire, claim
  • khe-pwu v. travel
  • khe-sli n. claw
  • khi-lu v. pay
  • khle-de v. rise, ascend
  • khle-uht n. crowd [from English]
  • khli-smrs n. Christmas [from English].
  • khu pos. for the use of
  • ki-she fv. how?
  • ki-swoh fv. (imperative)
  • koh mk. for v. negative: kohguƛan "not find"
  • koh-qe-ƛa adv. exceedingly much, a great many, to a great degree
  • koh-rl v. have trouble, a problem, difficulty
  • koh-ta v. design, plan
  • koh-twü-lr pron.pers. (third person: tall or high things; also formal; near hearer)
  • krr-ngoh-nyoh v. increase, add to
  • kshi n. characteristic Trentish garment
  • kshi-nyi v. be angry (for disappointment, or things going contrary to expectations)
  • ku-she n. foot
  • kü-pe-qyi v. take a long time, endure, last
  • kwa pos. in front of
  • kwr v. to do, engage in; to be. kwrkwr n. existence, being; action, doing


  • la v. run
  • la-men v. paint, color
  • la-tha v. ruin, mess up, sabotage, disorder
  • le-phuh-te fv. wonder (question particle)
  • liish n. leash [from English]
  • loh mk. for adj. (negative: lohüsli "not red")
  • loh-a v. put, place
  • loh-no v./fv. must, have to (be obligated to do something)
  • lr̀n. place, location
  • lr̀mk. for v. converts to noun of location or target: lrguƛan "place of discovery; thing sought"; hence also, participial adjective: lrguƛan "found"
  • lr̀pron.pers. (third person: short or low things; informal; near hearer)
  • lu n. throat
  • lu-loh v. prefer
  • lu-phi v. climb
  • lu-pr v. cough
  • lu-syi pron.pers. you (second person)
  • lut pos. towards
  • lu-tʼhi n. egg


  • ƛap n. the world
  • ƛi mk. for v. unergative voice: ƛiguƛan "invent (intr.)"
  • ƛi-khi n. mouse
  • ƛoh v. worry
  • ƛoh-kha n. wife
  • ƛoh-mu-pu v. chip at, whittle away
  • ƛoh-psha adj.bin. pregnant


  • ma-khe n. table (furniture)
  • me mk. for n. paucal aggregate: meingoh "a few trout together"
  • me-na v. be hysterical, delirious, frenzied
  • mi-myi-no n. medicine, medical treatment
  • mi-na adj.bin. two
  • moh-sa mk. for adj. (excessively, too much: mohsaüsli "too red")
  • mu-lwr-li v. pump
  • myi-ƛa v. tear, rip
  • myi-ngye n. tail


  • ne-moh-khe heavy
  • ni-sya fv. want to know which [not quna?]
  • no mk. for v. or n. occupational noun: noguƛan "inventor", noingoh "trout-fisherman"
  • noh-ku v. be silent. silent
  • noh-trr v. rent, be loaned; borrow for a price
  • no-ngu-pshe n. hunter [no-ngupshe]
  • no-qu-kwa n. president [no-qu-kwa]
  • nö-lo v. ache, hurt
  • nu-ma mk. for n. or adj. converts to privative adjectives: numaingoh "troutless"; numaüsli "without redness" (cf. loh)
  • nu-ma-goh-da-koh-ta adj. bin. random; lit. without design [numa-kohta²]


  • nga-swu-ƛoh fv. need, have to have or have done
  • nga-ƛu pos. against, next to (touching) [error for nyaƛu]
  • ngoh-lu-ngoh-ƛu-she-ya n. award, prize [ngoƛu²-sheya]
  • ngoh-ƛu v. merit, be worth or worthy
  • ngrr-mwu v. forget
  • ngu mk. for adj. exceptionally, very, to a great degree (nguüsli "very red")
  • nguh-ngwoh n. son or daughter
  • ngu-pshe v. hunt
  • ngwoh pos. with (comitative)
  • ngwoh-la n. building not used as a residence
  • ngwu-ngwa n. day


  • nya-la-le n. cat
  • nya-loh-ni n. manner, way, method
  • nya-ƛoh v. be cruel, mean, unkind
  • nya-ƛu pos. against, next to (touching)
  • nya-tha big
  • nye pos. from, out of
  • nyi v. categorize, [stereo]type, classify
  • nyi-nyi n. kind, type, sort
  • nyi-qoh v. surprise, startle
  • nyoh-nü v. see. nyohnünyohnü n. sight, vision, seeing
  • nyr-sya n. price
  • nyȕ pron.pers. (first person)


  • oh-loh adv. now
  • o-lrn-shr̀ orange [from English]
  • os pos. on the topic of, about
  • o-xa-lü adj.bin. dead


  • öt pron.pers. third person, near speaker; neutral


  • pa-lakh v. hate
  • pha n. tool
  • phaib n. pipe [from English]
  • phing-kr̀ pink
  • phli-` mk. for v. effrenative: phliguƛan "had no qualms in finding"
  • phö-phrl purple [from English]
  • pi little, weak, ineffective; mk. for adj. to a slight degree, small amount: piüsli "slightly red"
  • pnyr pron.pers. third person neutral, near hearer
  • poh adv. in the past
  • pshi-phe v. trap


  • qe-mè adj.bin. the same; in common, shared
  • qli v. tell
  • qlis v. describe [qli-s]
  • qli-shi v. study, read
  • qloh-lu mk. for adj. as much as, equally much: qlohluüsli "just as red"
  • qlu mk. for v. converts to participial adjective: qluguƛan "finding" (Xive, Xy, etc.)
  • qlu-la fast, quick
  • qlu-me-u n. plur. people (in general)
  • qoh mk. for adj. (positive degree: qohüsli "red, some red")
  • qoh-noh-gòh pron. (third person, tall or high things; formal; near the speaker)
  • qoh-nye v. to become famous, well-known, popular
  • qu v. stand up
  • qu-na fv. want to know whose/which [not nisya?]
  • quu mk. for v. passive: quuguƛan "be found"
  • qwa-moh v. blame or use as scapegoat
  • qwoh-la adj.bin. lead (Pb)
  • qya fv. accuse


  • r mk. for n. possessive: ringoh "trout's"
  • r-la v. think. rlrla n. idea.
  • r-le n. moon; month
  • r-le-nge conj. therefore, for this reason
  • r-lr-swu n. dish, plate
  • r̀-lu-sr yellow/green (Berlin & Kay GREEN)


  • s pos. on the topic of, about
  • san adv. during, while
  • se-pu-qr v. heal
  • se-pu-qe-pha v. (medical) operate [sepuqr-e-pha]
  • se-te v. kill
  • sha v. speak, say
  • sha-no v. have (be characterized by, i.e. have allergies)
  • sha-ƛu-moh n. hnau, person (in general; cf. u)
  • sha-qsha adv. so, thus
  • sha-twoh n. dog
  • sha-uh adj.bin. flat
  • she-ya n. thing, something
  • she-si n. wall
  • shi n. piece
  • shoh-la n. set, group
  • shoh-li mk. for n. convert to adjective: shohliingoh "trout-shaped, trout-like" (sholingoh?)
  • shol-lu-tʼhi adj.bin. oval [sholi-lutʼhi]
  • shr-loh-nga v. have a duty or responsibility
  • shr-loh-ngal-lr n. office [shrlohnga-lr]
  • shü v. try, test the value of, prove
  • shüg v. scratch; write
  • slu-she n. balances, a scale (for weighing)
  • soh-poh-ne v. lead
  • su fv. know how
  • su-mwu n. property, belongings
  • sya mk. for v. or n. tool-forming: syaguƛan "finding-tool", syaingoh "tool for preparing trout"
  • sya-ngwa adj.bin. empty
  • sya-pshi-phe n. trap [sya-pshiphe]
  • syen. field
  • syepos. on, upon
  • sye-ku-shr-xa adv. upright [sye₂-kushe-r-xa]


  • ta v. use
  • ta-ke fv. swear or affirm to be true
  • mk. for adj. convert to noun: tüsli "redness"
  • te-ngwa-loh fv. how much?
  • tha-bal v. walk
  • tha-pwu adv. five (adv? — thapwungwungwa "the 5th")
  • thag v. wear
  • tha-tha-e n. burden, load
  • the conj. and
  • thi-ni slow
  • thol pos. upon, atop
  • thö mk. for v. iterative aspect: thöguƛan "keep finding"
  • toh-ƛe adv. only
  • töü pos. near; adj.bin. previous
  • tsha-sr-lrl n. snail
  • tu-pwa n. body
  • tu-wu fv., v. think
  • tü-qu n. friend
  • twa-r adv. every, each
  • twe-na adj.bin. forked
  • twe-srl–u n. terras person
  • twil white
  • twoh-si v. owe
  • twu-mya v. live; adj.bin. alive

  • tʼhe-le n. old woman
  • tʼhi-nya n. scale (fish or reptile)
  • tʼwe v. go, come, move from one place to another. tʼwetʼwe n. motion, moving
  • tʼwal v. flow


  • u n. person, especially a trent; someone
  • uhg mk. for v. middle voice uuhguƛan "find oneself"
  • uh-kr-loh v. prepare
  • u-lal v. miscarry
  • u-ma-lòh adj. fluffy, fuzzy


  • ü-kös v. inhabit, dwell in
  • ü-sli red


  • win v. win [from English]


  • xapron.pers. reflexive
  • xan. earth
  • xan pron.pers. third person distant: formal; high or tall things
  • xa-tr n. hat [from English]
  • xe adj.bin. all
  • xi-la v. be made out of
  • xi-ni pron.pers. third person distant; neutral
  • xi-she adj.bin. one
  • xlog washed clean
  • xoh v. help
  • xr̀ pron.pers. third person distant: informal; short or low things
  • xth mk. for v. causative of external source: thguƛan "make find"
  • xtʼhoh v. have a sharp point


  • ya pron.dem. when, then
  • ye-tshe v. steal
  • yi-noh n. child, youth