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Nanforish (Nan: Naɳavʰora /nænjævʰo:ɹæ/) Is an Irfikian language, spoke by approximately 2,000,000 in the southern Bismic Continent in the land of Nanfor. It is also spoken in the south east of Czansi, and the extreme north-east of Vorbek, where it is a compulsory language in schools (as well as Czanak).

The language is considered amongst one of the most difficult of the irfikian languages to learn, due to it's plethora of unusual sounds. The Nanforish Alphabet contains 33 letters.

The Nanforish Alphabet

A - /æ/

Æ - /æi:/

D - /D̪/ (Very dentalised)

E - /ɛ/

F - /f/

̉F - /fpf/ an unheard of noise on earth, but it's literally like saying 'fpf' unvoiced.

H - /xʲ/ strange paletized fricative

I - /i:/

Ĭ - /ɪ/

J - /j/

K - /k/

L - /l/

Ḽ - /ɬ/ (like the welsh LL)

M - /m/

N - /n/

O - /o:/

R - /ɹ/

S - /s/

Ś - /ʃ/

T - /t/

Ṱ - /ts/

Ð - /ð/

Þ - /θ/

V - /v/

Vʰ - /vʰ/ (like V only more breathy)

Y - /ʌ/

Ɣ - /ɣ/

Lj - /lj/

Ŋ - /nj/ (lower case: ɳ)

Ḿ - /mj/

Z - /z/

Ź - /zj/

Ȝ - /ǂ/