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Timeline and Universe: Alternate Earth, modern era
Species: Human
Spoken: Mumuñu
Total speakers: 7
Writing system: Latin
Genealogy: Isolate
Morphological type: Inflecting
Morphosyntactic alignment: Nominative-Accusative
Basic word order: OVS
Created: August 2006

Mumuñu (Mumuñu: Muμúñu) is a language isolate conlang spoken by about 7, in the East Shore area of Staten Island in New York City. It is also currently an in-process conlang.

The Mumuñu Alphabet has 23 letters:

A a (ah) B b (beh) Ĉ ĉ (che) D d (deh) Æ æ (ay) I i (ee) K k (ka) L l (lam) M μ (muh) N n (muh) Ñ ñ (nye) O o (oh) P p (puh) R r (rah) S s (seh) Š š (sheh) T t (teh) Þ þ (theh) U u (oo) Z z (zeh) Ž ž (zheh) ' (similar to Hawaiian okina) - (hyphen)


  • Accented letters are not part of the alphabet
  • The English words "the" and "a" are replaced by "this/that" and "one"

áǽíóú represent stressed vowels

Some Mumuñu words:


  • I = mǽ
  • you = þu
  • he = í
  • she = ží
  • he/she = dǽ
  • we/us = úsa
  • you (plural) = ró'ñi
  • they = róμo


  • the/this/that = da
  • a/one = á
  • is/am/are = ǽžu
  • it = ztǽ'