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Qatama in Moj


Nm moj2.PNG

Moj is the alphabetic representation of the Qatama language. Moj and the Qatama conlang were invented by Qang for use in his conworld, Qatama. It was first created in mid 1999 and has slowly developed to its current form.

Notable features

  • Moj is written from left to right in horizontal lines, it may also be written vertically from top to bottom.
  • The word moj not only refers to the script but also means "to write" in Qatama.
  • Moj was inspired by the Tibetan, Klingon, and Masonic writing systems.
  • Moj contains 14 consonants, 4 vowel diacritics and 2 vowel carriers.

Moj consonants

Moj cons2.png

Moj vowels

Moj vwl2.png

  • The vowel carriers are used when a vowel begins a word or for diphthongs.
  • The vowel carriers are not used when the script is written vertically.
  • There is no punctuation used in Qatama, pauses, stops and questions are understood through the use of context and particles.
  • The three different pronunciations of <j> are dialectal in Qatama.

Moj numerals

Moj num2.png

Higher numbers are constructed as follows:

Moj num3.gif

Moj sample

Moj sample2.png

The Mogua


  • This is something I call mogua, it's a play on moj (writing system) + gua (face), if you look closely, every grapheme of Moj can be made with a combination of these brush strokes.