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The Litila were a tribe of humans, of Naman descent,[1] who formed an alliance with oceanic crabs despite themselves being confined to the mountains north of Subumpam. During the Vegetable War, they invaded Subumpam, with the crabs leading the way, in an attempt to conquer all of Subumpam. However, by this time, the crabs in Litila were so much more powerful than the humans in Litila that the crabs simply ate most of the humans who had been helping them out, and then moved on down the mountains into Subumpam to seek out reunification with their homeland in the ocean.


This is a dialect of paleo-Pabappa.

  ..?h > q, maybe also ?hw>qw

litila 2

Possibly /p/>/f/,/d/>/v/.

The three-tone system of Old Andanese is retained with no changes, and there are no new instances of hiatus.

Note: /q/ might survive too, as it seems likely that Litila would participate in the common /ʔh/ > /q/ sound shift even if it had shifted some or all of its earlier [q] to /k/.


  1. Note, I misread the map, and originally said that these were Andanese people. In fact they are Namans.