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(Rãesha Kazujisha)
Pronounced: 'rɛ:ʃa kazuji'ʃa
Timeline and Universe: Our Earth, modern era
Species: Human
Spoken: Republic of Kazujisha
Total speakers: 4.5 million
Writing system: Latin/native
Genealogy: Kazujishan languages
Morphological type: Isolating
Morphosyntactic alignment: Accusative
Basic word order: SVO
Creator: Avaja
Created: 2002

Kazujisha (Rãesha Kazujisha ['rɛ:ʃa kazuji'ʃa]) is the official language of the People's Republic of Kazujisha (Máfeirepublika Kazujisha). It is spoken by approximately 4.5 milion in Kazujisha and 50,000 emigrants (of which the majority lives in Europe). The language is an isolate.

Máfeirepublika Kazujisha

The People's Republic of Kazujisha is an European nation consisting of four islands located to the southeast of Iceland. The current Prime Minister (Rah Teienkovamá) is Aruhikesa Kotaeivha.

(( The author and only speaker of this beautiful language (harhar) is Avaja. In case you have another connation existing in our current world and are interested in some sort of collaboration, talk to me on irc (preferable) or send me a ZBB pm. ))

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