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(This page exists merely as notes for the author.)

Consonant Inventory

p [p] t [t] c [c] k [k] q [q] ʼ [ʔ]
m [m] n [n] nc [ɳ] ng [ŋ] (n [ɴ]1)
v [ɸ ~ β] s [s ~ z] hc [ç ~ ʝ] g [x ~ ɣ] r [χ ~ ʁ] h [h]
z [ð̞ ~ ɹ] y [j] w [ɰ]
l [l] lc [ʎ]

Only voiceless fricatives, plosives, and sonorants may be geminated.

jj yields cç /chc/; and ww yields kx /kg/.

ey "night" + ye locative = echce.

o-i-je ->