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This is the ceremonial calendar used by the Yellow Empire. The names are in Henaudute. This calendar has no relationship to seasons or solar years or whatnot; it is merely a conveniently-divided reckoning of time which counts upward from the date of the coronation of the king.

Divisions of time

Days - Λαλη lalê

  1. ῥευτη rheutê — shining day
  2. θρανη thranê — holy day
  3. βορῥη borrhê — martial day
  4. τοχονη tochonê — obscure day
  5. δλη dlê — joyful day
  6. θυτη thutê — beautiful day
  7. νοχη nochê — silent day

Weeks / Πωλαλι Pôlali

  1. ῥαρτη rhartê — Sun’s week
  2. βρερτη brertê — Moon’s week
  3. γραρτη grartê — Earth’s week
  4. μηϊδρατη mêïdratê — Mēïdē (Night-father)’s week
  5. λαλλιδρατη lallidratê — Lallidē (Day-father)’s week

Months / Βρελῑ Brelî

  1. ναυρ naur — month of strength
  2. χουλα choula — month of charm
  3. δηψῑ dêpsî — month of teachings
  4. τοι¹ toe — month of a spirit
  5. λαλλι lalli — month of bitterness

¹ The name of this month depends on the quimmester. In fact, during this month the quimmester does not need to be stated. The names are of mythological creatures associated with the element of the quimmester:

  • ταντοι tantoe — month of the tantech (or 'salamander') in the fire quimmester
  • λῡτοι lûtoe — month of the lutech (or 'undine') in the water quimmester
  • γαρτοι gartoe — month of the gartech (or 'gnome') in the earth quimmester
  • ἡτοι hêtoe — month of the hetech (or 'sylph') in the air quimmester

Quimmesters / Νωβρελῑ Nôbrelî

A quimmester is a period of five months; in this calendar, 175 days.

  1. ταννωβρελ tannôbrel — fire quimmester
  2. λῡνωβρελ lûnôbrel — water quimmester
  3. γαρνωβρελ garnôbrel — earth quimmester
  4. ἡνωβρελ hênôbrel — air quimmester

Ladas / Λᾱδῑ Lâdî

A lada or "long year" is a period of twenty months; in this calendar, 700 days.

  1. πιμβλαδα pimblada — newborn year
  2. γοχλαδα gochlada — adolescent year
  3. οὐλαδα oulada — elder year

Rhikes of the Zodiac / Ῥικι Δρῑγα Rhici Drîga

A rhike is a period of sixty months; in this calendar, 2,100 days. The eleven rhikes make up one full zodiac, a period of 23,100 days. The zodiac is the largest division of time in the calendar; after the zodiac is completed, it is restarted with an ordinal (second, third, fourth, etc.).

  1. σισεν sisen — lion’s rhike
  2. λυσσαν lussan — wolf-cub’s rhike
  3. ἁργλην harglên — jackal’s rhike
  4. νολλα nolla — hog’s rhike
  5. λαρα lara — ox’s rhike
  6. λωυν lôun — tiger’s rhike
  7. μαυν maun — hare’s rhike
  8. πανδῑγιν pandîgin — panther’s rhike
  9. λυκα luka — wolf’s rhike
  10. ῥοχυν rhochun — turtle’s rhike
  11. ταλλακα tallaca — phoenix’s rhike

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