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  • There is a community hospital, the Hospital of the Holy Spirit, in Prosforion, operated by the Maronite Sisters of the Holy Family. There is also a clinic adjacent to the hospital.
  • There is a clinic and an emergency treatment facility in the other two towns. There is a first aid station in Karyes and in Dafni. The clinic in Amoulián is operated by brothers from the Monastery of St. Thomas.
  • The clinics provide various services such as dental, optometry, auditory, and physical therapy.
  • The hospital and the clinics provide screening for various diseases.
  • Serious cases are medevaced by helicopter to the nearest medical center in the Hellenic Empire.
  • There is a facility in Prosforion for those who are too old or too ill to receive the proper care at home.
  • Vaccinations and inoculations are required of all children when they enter the school system.
  • Medical insurance is provided to all the citizens by the government.
  • Tattooing and body piercing are not permitted in the Monastic Republic.
  • Every able-bodied citizen is expected to donate blood three times a year.
  • The blood bank visits the monasteries three times a year. Personnel and equipment are flown in by helicopter. Each monk physically capable is expected to donate; hermits are excluded.
  • Burial is not permitted in the Monastic Republic. Bodies must be cremated and put into the columbaria provided by the government.
  • Monks on the Holy Mountain bathe more frequently than those *here*. There is no hot water, but water heated by the sun is provided.