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Pronounced: Native: /ɡŋyːt.vix/
Anglicized: /njut.zɪʃ/
Timeline and Universe: Alternate Earth
Species: Human
Spoken: Carnassus
Writing system: "Abjad"
Genealogy: Language Isolate
Morphological type: Triconsonantal Root (Unknown)
Morphosyntactic alignment: Unknown
Basic word order: Unknown
Creator: Thrice Xandvii |
Created: February 2018


Gnűcwik̦ (GNU-ngue.pngGNU-c.pngGNU-wi.pngGNU-kh.png or Gnutzish to non-Natives) has 21 distinct consonants in its inventory and has 4 vowel phonemes (each of which has a flattened allophone when in the environment of "pharyngeal" consonants). There are also an additional two marginal phonemes, both of which are syllabic consonants, which only appear as the final sound of a word. These are allophones of the coronal nasal and liquid.


  Labial Coronal Dorsal Laryngeal
Nasal n /n/
Plosive PreN mb /mb/ nd /nd/ nz /nd͜z/ ng /ŋɡ/
Plain p (b) /b/ t /t/ and t’ /tˁ/ c /t͜s/ and c’ /t͜sˁ/ k /k/ and q /q/ /ʕ/ ~ [ʢ̞]
Fricative w /v/ ~ [ʋ] ț /θ/ and ț’ /θˁ/ s /s/ and s’ /sˁ/ /x/
Liquid l /l/ r /ʁ/


Plain i /i/ ű /y(ː)/ e /ɛ/ u /u/
Flattened ı [ə] ő [ø(ː)] a [ɑ] o [o]
Consonant -n [n̩] and -l [l̩]


The general description of the syllable unit in Gnűcwik̦ is the following: {INSERT HERE}.


  • If a pre-nasalized stop phoneme (e.g. ng) falls in the initial position of a word, it is instead a post-nasalized stop (in this case, gn).
  • Whenever a vowel precedes or follows a pharyngeal consonants (t’, c’, q, , ț’, s’, r or sometimes ), it is expressed as its flattened equivalent.
    • only causes non-front vowels to flatten: u and ű.
  • Should l or n appear as the last segment of a word, and is preceded by a C, then the syllabic allophone is used instead.



Writing & Script

p t c k ț s
GNU-p.png GNU-t.png GNU-c.png GNU-k.png GNU-'.png GNU-th.png GNU-s.png GNU-kh.png
t’ c’ q ț’ s’
GNU-t'.png GNU-c'.png GNU-q.png GNU-th'.png GNU-s'.png
mb nd nz ng w n l r
GNU-mb.png GNU-nd.png GNU-nz.png GNU-ng.png GNU-w.png GNU-n.png GNU-l.png GNU-r.png
i/ı u/o e/a ű/ő -n -l ◌ː
GNU-0i.png GNU-0u.png GNU-0e.png GNU-0ue.png GNU-0.png GNU-nn.png GNU-ll.png GNU-!.png
GNU-i.png GNU-u.png GNU-e.png GNU-ue.png


For the current list of words and roots in Gnutzish, see: Lexicon.

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