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The Glastonbury University Transcription System (GUTS) is a romanization system for the Albic languages, developed (intrafictionally) by linguists of Glastonbury University (extrafictionally) by Jörg Rhiemeier. The purpose of this system is to provide transcription symbols from which an orthography for each language can be created. The GUTS is an extended version of the orthography of Avalonian, and influenced the International Hesperic Alphabet.


  Labial Dental Alveolar Postalveolar Retroflex Palatal Velar Uvular Glottal
Stops voiceless p t .t cj c .c  
voiced b d .d gj g .g  
Fricatives voiceless ph th s sh .s cjh ch .ch h
voiced bh dh z zh .z gjh gh .gh  
Nasals voiceless mh nh .nh njh ngh .ngh  
voiced m n .n nj ng .ng  
Laterals voiceless   lh .lh ljh      
voiced   l .l lj      
Rhotics voiceless   rh .rh rjh   rgh  
voiced   r .r rj   rg  
Semivowels v   j  
  • Aspiration is marked by an apostrophe following (for postaspiration) or preceding (for preaspiration) the consonant symbol, e.g. p'.
  • Affricates are written by their components, e.g. ts.


  Front Non-front
Unround Round Unround Round
Close i y ia u
Mid e ø ea o
Open ae a ao

Long vowels are marked with an acute á; in languages and dialects that distinguish thrusting and slipping tone, an acute marks thrusting tone and a circumflex â marks slipping tone.

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