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The Ghudaz language is a naturalistic artlang by Enrique Gamez. In the conworld of Dombellus, it is spoken by mountain and glacier dwarves in northern Azalia, primarily in the Lucent Mountains. The name "Ghudaz" is actually from Dwarven ghud daz, meaning "northern plains" (referring to tundra regions near the edge of the Lucent range). Ghudaz speakers call their language Akhvnas, "our tongue".


Ghudaz is a very permissive language in terms of consonant clusters, with few restrictions; vowel sequences are not permitted. It has a smaller consonant inventory and a larger vowel inventory compared to other members of its family, including unusual vowels such as /y/ and nasal vowels /ã/, /õ/.

Ghudaz's phonemes are listed below. (Parentheses indicate the typical romanization.)

  Labial Alveolar Postalveolar Palatal Velar
Nasal m (m) n (n)
Plosive p/pʰ (p) b (b) t/tʰ (t) d (d) k/kʰ (k) g (g)
Trill r (r)
Fricative f (f) v/ʋ (v) s (s) z (z) ʃ (ʃ) x (kh) ɣ (gh)
Approximant v/ʋ (v) l (l) j (j)
  Front Back
Close i (i) y (y) u (u)
Mid e (e) o (o) õ (õ)
Open a (a) ã (ã)

Writing System

The Ghudaz language is usually written with the Oghrizhan script, which is an abjad. An explanation of the writing system can be found in File:Ghudaz Writing System.pdf.


The current Ghudaz lexicon can be found in File:Ghudaz Lexicon.pdf (created with PolyGlot).

Swadesh list for Ghudaz