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This page is a proposed FrathWiki policy. Please consider improving it or discussing improvements on the talk page.

Be patient, for the world is broad and wide.

FrathWiki is a place where anyone may write about constructed worlds, cultures, and languages.

However, as many of the same things exist across worlds, it is important to name pages in a way that they don't interfere with the creations of others, or with those who are searching for factual information to further their own creations.

Suggested guidelines

Reality gets priority

An article titled Mars should be about Mars here, not alternate versions of it. It may, of course, mention alternate versions of Mars, or discuss its conceptions in popular mythology here, but such things should be noted as fiction, not presented as facts, and it should if possible be secondary to facts. (As not everyone agrees on what the facts may be, try to write reality-based articles from a Neutral Point of View.)

If you wish to write an article about Mars in another reality—whether as fact or as fiction—choose a different name, either descriptive or perhaps a native one: Mars in Ill Bethisad, Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars, or Malacandra. (Then be sure to link to it from Mars so those interested in alternate Martianity can find it.)