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-01: Ŧuàn: an introduction

Ŧuàn is a conlang, spoken only in Ŧuàn State, which is found on the continent of Ndongo, in another world which has no name other than "the world." The Ŧuàn language resembles Chinese (in some ways), but is different from any language on Earth. It is also different from any other language found in Ndongo.

This first iteration is written fresh from the Fourth Language Creation Conference, where Ŧuàn was publicly unveiled for the first time. There will be updates.

00: Table of Contents

  • -01: Introduction
  • 00: Table of Contents (You Are Here)
  • 01: History of Ŧuàn
  • 02: On the Ŧuàn Language
  1. 02 hoog: Ŧuàn-ẍuíng: the spoken language
  2. 02 sous: Ŧuàn-khyíng: the "berries and bugs" script
  • 03: Culture and Philosophy of Ŧuàn
  1. 03a: Ŧuàn theology

01: History of Ŧuàn

Ŧuàn history is an incomplete subject. We have (at this time:--Greybuck 17:51, 15 May 2011 (PDT) ) only one source: the Khyín Zó Luón (The Book of the Long Count), which is necessarily biased and incomplete. Furthermore, we have (again, at this time: --Greybuck 17:51, 15 May 2011 (PDT)) only a partial translation of that work. Everything else said should be treated as supposition and intelligent guesswork.

The Ŧuàn arrived on the south-eastern tip of Ndongo 2198 years before present. We are not told where the first Ŧuàn came from, nor why they left. We are not told about the voyage, except (a quotation will later be added) that it was difficult. We are told, explicitly in the Book of the Long Count, that (quotation to follow).