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ABVAMOUSH = v to pay attention

AZHO(F/D) = adj salty

AIE (/ɑiɛ/) = interj hey! say! oh!


AIE (/eɛ/) = interj duh, of course


AU = part again, once more, repeated action

AUTSHOUSH = v remember, recall

AUZOUSH = v to plow, to turn under (agricultural)


BASAIZH = "nf" rest-stop, a short stop for food or reposing, from Faraneit bafhej

BESH = prn 3p, plural, nom, fem

BISH = prn 3p, plural, nom, masc

BJED = nf shoreline, coastline

BJOUDZOUSH = v to recieve, to obtain, to have, to possess

BONIKAIZHOUSH = v to eat (a more polite, scientific term for it) borrowed from Faraneit boaneicej

BOTYS = "mn" metal borrowed from Western Measceineafh boʉs


BVOC = nf passion

BVOGOUK = adv passionately, emotionally

BVOGOUSH = v to feel (emotionally)

BVOGU(F/D) = adj whiny, over-emotional

BVUC = nm occupation, job

BVUGHI = nf title

BVUGHJAT = nf name, title, description


CAIDZHNAI = nm orchard

CJEMJUK = adj gross, distasteful

CONG = mn blade, dagger

CUTOUSH = v to throw

CYNOUSH = v to have fun, to play


DATINGEV = fn exhaustion

DAI = "mn" goods, trading material, from Faraneit delh

DES = prn 3p, sing, nom, fem

DJARASH = n shrimp-like organisms used for food

DJEDZ = prn 3p, sing, acc, fem


DZANOUSH = v to wait (for), to repose (intransitive)

DZAI = adv previous(ly)

DZAI(F/D) = adj previous, prior, ex-

DZOUSH = v to come, to leave

DZUGREZH = mn berry

DZY = mn taste, bit, bite, small amount


DZHI = adj sacred, excellent, awesome, great, wonderful, holy

DZHIMA = nm sacred grove

DZHOUDZUM = nm forests


EDVIZ = mn commodity, luxury, trading item, bargaining chip

EL = mn man, male

EMATSHA = fn behavior, action(s) (zero plural)

EMATSHATOUSH = v to act, to behave (in such a way), to have a certain air

EP = part of, belonging to, pertaining to, concerning

ESHJO(F/D) = adj pretty, beautiful


FEN = "mn" bitch, little thing/one (insulting), from Faraneit fean

FJEKO(F/D) = adj loving, lovely

FJEKOUSH = v to like, to love, to fall in love (with), to begin to like

FJICA = n platonic love

FONG = prn 3p, sing, nom, masc

FOUG = prn 3p, sing, acc, masc

FROUS = n innocent love

FVA(F/D) = adj correct, right, true


GETSHOUTS = n human(s)(irregular accusative: getshets)

GOTS = conj because

GRAIFI = n sexual act

GREFOUSH = v to lust after/for

GRETSH = n sexual objectification

GRIDZH = n sexual object

GRO(F/D) = adj lustful

GROUD = n lust


GHRINGOUSH = v to want, to desire


HAIN = prn 1p, plural, nom

HI = part to, at, in, into (takes primary case to signify a completed movement/incorporation, dechticaetiative to signify a partial movment)

HJAZHOUSH = v to announce, to tell, to speak

HJO = art indef. a/an, some

HJIN = rel conj indicates that the subject of the prior sentence is the subject in the following statement

HYM = rel conj indicates the the subject of the prior statement is a non-subject in the following statement


IN = rel conj indicates that a non-subject of the prior sentence is the subject in the following

IM = rel conj indicates that a non-subject of the prior sentence is a non-subject in the following


JO(F/D) = adj gross, icky


KOU = adv a lot, very much, extremely

KE = adv not, n production center, artisan's work table (from Faraneit, keh)


MAI = prn 2p, dual, nom

MEBV = prn 2p, sing, formal, nom

MERUFKA = nm masculine nickname

MODOUSH = v to hate, dislike, abhor

MORAIN = n f hope, prayer

MOTSH = prn 2p, sing, informal, acc

MUTS = prn 2p, plural, nom


NAIG = n fiat, decree

NAV = prn 2p, sing, nom

NIDOUSH = v to legislate, to decree, to consider


NGAMOUSH = v doubt

NGIMI = prn and/but how many/much? (Responsive Pronoun)

NGIS = prn when? (RP)

NGI(F/D) = prn which? (RP)

NGJOUC = mn nut(s) (as in from trees)

NGRAI = mn stick, branch

NGRI(F/D) = prn what? who? (RP)

NGRO = v to be, to become


OPF = n one, single

OTSHE(F/D) = adj dry, barren, lacking


OU = n sex, sexual acts

OU(F/D) = adj sexy, erotic


PANGATANG = n heartbeat, thump thump

PE- = prefix un- dis-

PVI = prn 1p, sing, nom

PJEPF = n thing, (some)thing, (any)thing


PFETROUSH = v to ask, to interrogate, to question

PFIS = n f questionable activity, absurdity, insanity, conspiracy, treachery, treason

PFVA = n m a cough, a hack, a weeze

PFU = n f type, sort, kind, genre

PFVOUSH = v to cough, to weeze, to hack


RAIPIR = "mn" dessert, sweet/delicious food, honey, from Faraneit lepir

REFSHA(F/D) = adj cool, fresh

RI = prn why? huh? (Responsive Form)

RISHA = n universe, world

RIZE = n jewel, gem, piece of jewelry, from Faraneit lizealh

ROUD = n fem here (acc roun)

ROUZOUSH = v to eat, drink, consume


SEBTSOUSH = v to speak (IN a language, a point/argument, in a certain fashion; not a specific word, any specific series of words, A language)

SECUT = mn amaranth, from Faraneit fheaqut

SOD = fn promiscuous woman (middle register, casual but polite), from Faraneit fhod

SY(F/D) = adj near, around, close, about


SHOH = n m time, part of day, period

SHIZOUSH = v to understand, to comprehend

SHURA(F/D) = adj cold, clammy, chilly


TAKE = n m a home, a dwelling

TASHAR = mn threshhold, doorway, opening, begining

TEDROGEZE = adv occasionally

TEN = prn how much/many? IP

TETSI(D/F) = prn which? IP

TI = mn" lean-to, shoddy shelter, from Western Measceineafh tɨ

TISI(D/F) = prn what? IP

TISH = prn when IP

TJEN = prn how? IP

TVO = conj and, also, in addition


TSIPF = nm path, route, road

TSOU = nm outsiders (mass count noun)


TSHIGHOUSH = v to use, to make use (of)

TSHOUSH = v to know (intangible form)


UZHOUSH = v to be made from, to be derived from


YTSH = nf fire, flame


VEDZ = mn area, place, location

VRETSH = n loser, pathetic person, failure (person)


ZASH = adj warm, hot

ZOUSH = v to make, to produce, to build, to do


ZHI = art definate, the

ZHIDA(F/D) = "adj" equal, fair, equivalent, from Faraneit jid

ZHIKOC = "fn" profit, revenue, from Faraneit jikosc

ZHIKOCOUSH = v to profit, to make money, to sell things

ZHIKY = mn seller, merchant

ZHIM = "fn" cost, price, from Faraneit jeim

ZHRANGANG = nf lightning

ZHUK = interj shoot, damnit