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Modern EP'

The phonetical nature of the distinction between the two types of voiced obstruents varies by 'lect:

/B̤/ /B̬/ Description Where
[b̤] [b̰] Brethy vs. creaky The classical, high-class, prestige pronunciation
[b] [b̰] Plain vs. creaky Most typical standard language pronunciation. Vowels after the plain series may retain a degree of brethiness, and the creaky series may be longer in pronunciation (contrasts based purely on length are however rare)
[b̥a̤] [b̥a̰] Brethy vs. creaky vowels, stop voicing weakening Found in younger-generation urban speakers
[b] ~ [b̤] [bˤ] Plain to brethy vs. pharyngealized Found in northern dialects, under West Altaic' influence
[pʰ] [b] Voiceless aspirated vs. plain voiced Zagros highlands dialects
[b̤], [v] [ʔb] ~ [ɓ], [ʔv] Brethy vs. glottalized High-class East Caucasian' accent
[b], [v] [ʔb] ~ [ɓ], [v] Plain vs. glottalized stops; no distinction elsewhere Stereotypical East Caucasian' accent
[b̤] ~ [bʱ], [v] [b], [v] Aspirated vs. plain stops; no distinction elsewhere West Caucasian' accent (obscure, but included for completeness)
[b] [b] No distinction Stereotypical foreign barbarian accent