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DiLingo or, correctly, D~L~ngo, can now be found at www.dilingo.net.

An Ingor for your Dolor! --Sumus Cocoonus, D. E. (D~L~nguist Extraordinaire) 

D~L~.ngo is the gutteral utteral, the paradigm of rhyme, the pox of vox, the ultimate glottal stop.

     It is gutteral because it employs the simplest of utterals. When you speak D~L~ngo, "ling D~L~ngo," you are speaking from your most primitive recesses. There is a fulfillment, a satisfaction, like finishing a yawn (a benefit for Anafranil users), recatching that sneeze that almost went away, or even cracking that last knuckle. It is hippocampal thinking at its best, and it heeds not amygdaloid inhibitions. There is indeed an extra convolution of the brain, somewhere in the unfashionable amphibian area, and the gutteral utterers have found it!

The troglodite speaks D~L~ngo--basic utterances--raw expression. Thus language recapitulates essence--the inherency. Then words complicate things with polysyllables, clouding meaning, taking away the power, the strength, of feelings felt.

D~L~ngo--an unapologetic jokelang that asks the question, "With whom do you really want to speak?" You're at a party of linguists. Open bar. Great food. Crowded, but it seems dead. Except in one corner, where there's whooping, guffawing, chortling, giggling, and generally a great time. With beautiful women. So you saunter over. No wonder this corner rocks with hilarity and struggling-to-be-free sexual tension--they're speaking D~L~ngo. But you're lost, be cause you never learned it. You're a pair if brown shoes with a tuxedo. Hmmm... Maybe the Elves will take you in.