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The Macro-Pabap languages are languages descended from the Gold language that belong to the branch that produced Pabappa. For political reasons, their shared parent language is not called proto-Pabappa, as that name refers to just a single city within the empire, and because most of the branches of the family belong to political enemies of the Pabaps. Nevertheless, they share important distinguishing characteristics with Pabappa.

For example, early on, the Proto-Macro-Pabap language lost its /l/ phoneme, changing it unconditionally to /w/. There had never been an /r/ in the language, which meant that PMP did not have any liquid phonemes at all. PMP also preserved the highly unusual labialized coronal series /tʷ dʷ nʷ/ of the Gold language, whereas other labialized consonants were uncommon.

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