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The Bajoran language is a fictional a priori exo-lang which originates in the Star Trek universe. It is the language of a group of aliens (also called "Bajoran") who hail from the planet "Bajor".

This language is a bit more developed than the typical television alien language, but little canon explanation of grammar has been released. Curiosity and enthusiasm from fans of the Star Trek series has led to a number of daughterlangs and clonelangs.

Canon Bajoran

Canon Bajoran is the Bajoran language which has been released via official channels regarding the Star Trek series. It is the language used on the television and in books relating to the Star Trek universe. It does not have a released grammar, but a list of vocabulary words has been created. The canon language has a native script and an ancient script, but neither are very well-documented.

Bajoran of "Deranged Nasat"

"Deranged Nasat" is the alias of the creator of this variant of the Bajoran language. It does not have its own grammar (at least not on the page where it was found), but does have a dictionary.

Bajoran of "Kel Dasha" and "Dyshal Entara"

"Kel Dasha" and "Dyshal Entara" are the aliases of the creators of this variant of the Bajoran language. Their work includes a grammar and a sizable dictionary.


Information on the Bajoran language would have been hard to come by without the help of a person named Nicole. She kept the language descriptions on the live web, which allowed for the page here to be created. Due to the fragmented and glitchy state of all archived information on both kinds of Bajoran, her help was instrumental.