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Başa sarcay (/bæʃə saɹʤaɪ/) is a constructed artlang created by Owen Fish in 2012. The language, which is still in its earliest stages of development, is heavily based on Turkish, Azerbaijani and other Turkic languages.

Background & FAQ

The name of the language literally translates as "The Liberated Speech" and at this time, it is no more than a working name for this project.

Why are you showing this project off to FrathWiki in this early stage?

Simply to gain exposure from others in the conlang community and to help me keep my ideas and thoughts straight while developing this further.

Isn't this language just a relexing of Turkish?

It is certainly my vision of how a Turkic language in my world would look. I am trying to expand on ideas and develop a language that would not look out of place in Central/Western Asia but at the same time feel unique and different from the languages already there. I am not yet ready to commit to a Caucasian Kitchen Sink with the complexities and weirdness found there. I hope that this project will get my head out of the Latin/Germanic rut and into something different at least.


Başa sarcay uses the Turkish alphabet with some additional characters. a|b|c|ç|d|e|f|g|ğ|h|i|k|l|m|n|ŋ|o|ö|p|q|r|s|ş|t|ţ|u|ü|v|y|z


Vowel harmony is used much as it in modern Turkish. There is allophony, and some consonant harmony: certain combinations will change consonants.

Vocabulary and Etymology

The vocabulary of Başa sarcay is largely derived from Turkish but it contains words and roots from many other languages including Celtic and Yucatec Mayan, as well as a fair amount of originally derived words and roots.

Grammar & Syntax

This is very much in construction at this time.

Example Phrases

  • en mabatandar avanıbığa (he/she walked to the temple) [every time]
  • en mabatandar avanıb (he/she walked to the temple) [one time]
  • eyöğü canarakam (I will eat salmon)
  • eyöği nadal canarakam (I will not eat the salmon)
  • eyöği herider döribem (I gave the salmon to the girl)
  • eyöği heriyüd dörilibem (I was given the salmon by the girl)
  • Ondlarud ondlordar (from here to there)
  • Lümeyüd Atrasattar (from the Earth to the stars)
  • saqır içüm itledenye ya. (beauty is in the eye of the beholder)
  • Ortas Arıţıraţ Borçayızu - Baggage Reclaim Area
  • Artık qetteyüd nadal ola! - Do not cross the line!
  • Ulanadud yeŋi sünüse! - Keep away from the tracks!