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Work in progress!

This quick guide to Azirian cultures was originally inspired by Jefferson Wilson's Cultural Attitudes page.

+2 +1 0 -1 -2
Authority Obey authority without question. Have faith in authority; follow where you are led. Respect the wisdom and experience of authority, but make your own decisions. When in doubt, trust authority, but feel free to ignore nonsense. Never trust authority. Make your own rules.
Generosity Share everything that you have. Help out those in need. Share with your family and friends. Give only as required. Take all that you can and keep it for yourself.
Novelty Radical:
Try something new at every opportunity. Be bold.
Always look for ways to improve things, but keep a sound foundation.
Be cautious about change, but fix things that can be improved.
Keep things the way they are. Distrust novelty.
The old ways are best. Go back to the way things used to be.
Pleasure Hedonistic:
Pleasure is the most important thing in life. Seek it at all cost.
Pleasure in moderation is a good thing. Work to achieve it. Enjoy life when you can; avoid needless suffering. It can be virtuous to endure suffering, but pleasure is not a bad thing. Ascetic:
Pleasure is a dangerous addiction. Keep it to a minimum.
Ritual Obsessive:
Life revolves around rituals. Nothing is more important.
Rituals are important, but should not rule your life.
It can be useful to follow a routine.
Do your own thing. Improvise.
Don't bother with rituals. They're a waste of time.
Sociability Gregarious:
The more the merrier. Party on!
It's best to be with others. It's no fun to be alone.
Having a small group of close friends is best.
Be social when you must, but prefer to be alone.
Solitude is the best. Peace and quiet!