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Aurogaelb is a fictional language created by Chris Johnston in 2002. It was created to the the language of orcs. It is written with a unique script called Dhogris, which is visible on the language's home page. Also for viewing are available several texts written in the language, as well as a grammatical overview.

Grammar of Aurogaelb

It has a nominative-accusative alignment and the accusative shows only among pronouns.

Babel Text

  • 1. Ghe sos gridhoegh gnaesor oeroech lós aelb lae.
  • 2. Ghe dau sorlgíselghoech, orso adoe olgnoech soes orndh, adoe braendhoech lós dlaenth haus groedhed bos Schinor; ghe adoe bleghdógloesthoech saus glanthed.
  • 3. Ghe adoe elboech audaedi, “déschonich agroe, aeschich asoe lós dlách, ghe raelghórornich oedi.” Ghe adoe oeroech lós dlách laes glód, ghe adoe oeroech lós sthaung laes schéd.
  • 4. Ghe adoe elboech, “déschonich agroe, dlanich asoe hausaesi lós naedhighoegh ghe lós dhloeb, hos glaeneng engthich graenich saes thlaeroch; ghe aeschich asoe hausaesi lós bagh, dégich sorlgídróstheloe asoe haus snaelbed sos gridhoegh.”
  • 5. Ghe sos Chaegrasoegh bolídéschonoech schegrich sós naedhighoegh ghe sós dhloeb, ghoe hos dhorroeth thás dlanoech.
  • 6. Ghe sos Chaegrasoegh elboech: “ischaegrich agroe, lae sos gaegh gich, ghe adoe oerich lós aelb lae; ghe adoe gaelich sós oeges: ghe glingbau deg sorlgígis audoedi, ghoe adidhoe thlengorlich.
  • 7. Déschonich agroe, bólich asoe, ghe saus glanthed blorsthich asoe hós aelbad, ghe adoe sorlgídéngthis deblósthich hós aelbad.”
  • 8. Sos Chaegrasoegh sorlgídróstheloech audi soes glanthed haus snaelbed sos gridhoegh: ghe adoe schóschonoech dlanich sós naedhighoegh.
  • 9. Hos baghed dhraunágich bos Bábel; saes dhraun regich sos Chaegrasoegh blorsthoech hós aelbed sos gridhoegh saus glanthed: ghe soes glanthed sos Chaegrasoech dróstheloech audi haus snaelb sos gridhoegh

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