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Athomine is a fictional language which was created in 2005 by Geoff Eddy. Its last known date on the web is 2007, which is also the last time that the Internet Archive captured its webpage. Athomine is a fictional language and was created for a concontinent/country called Sunovia. It is well-developed grammatically but does not appear to ever have been given much vocabulary.

Grammar of Athomine

Athomine is a relatively complete language grammatically. It is inflecting but not accusative, and includes noun modifications for "absolutive, genitive, partitive, and dative".

The language is remarkable for its complex personal pronoun system, which includes "twelve distinct personal pronouns: singular and plural for each of first person, second person deferential, second person familiar, and third person; and indefinite, reflexive, switch reference, and relative."

It also has a rich and well-developed verb system which is detailed here.

Babel Text

Babel text found here.

  • 1. þi paic xúþy mel taucu þi its psaksi exkan.
  • 2. þi kalsain saur truaxei ísan, resat paic póri Ximar supsýsene, þi arty þeksusainene.
  • 3. þi saki fastisene, "tettaken kineþen, þi skeruena extaken". þi kineþen piny hérestes þi cers piny lihestes larsýsenen.
  • 4. þi fastisene, "raixaþaken ets þi hasts xass fýrs paic melta hutti, þi kamartaken mals, lere mis þaiky xúþus fýskékeh".
  • 5. þi God ets þi hasts hársain kalsási raikaina cénal re þairtiþ serai ísan.
  • 6. þi God "þairaþak! mel catex rýps tune, þi ehha catex nikus þaun cótiþ tý, þi mas ínausenel cuahttene" fastisen.
  • 7. "ehteke serai þi sprahótaken þasi fast, re la saki apeisenen."
  • 8. þi God arty mis þaiky xúþus fýskaisenen, þi raixaþ hasts fannaisen.
  • 9. Þut mals Babel namerahan, þut arty God fast rýps sprahaisin, þi arty mis þaiky xúþus fýskaisine.

An interlinear was given on the language's page as follows:

  • 1. And in world(gen) one language and few words(part) were.
  • 2. And men from east(dat) go(past imperf), plain in country(gen) Shimar found-they, and there live(incep)-they.
  • 3. And each-other(dat) said-they, "make(1pl imp)-we-3sing bricks and burn(perf part) aux(1pl imp)-them". And bricks role(gen) stone(part) and clay role(gen) mortar(part) had-they-3sing. The perfective of "let us burn them" is used here to give the idea of "completely".
  • 4. And said-they, "build(1pl imp)-it city and tower rel(part) head in clouds(dat) is(fut 3sing), and to-us-give(imp)we-3sing name, neg-so-that on surface(gen) world(part) scatter(fut ext)-us-indef.". "... with its head in the clouds" is difficult to render into Athomine; I've used "whose head is in the clouds".
  • 5. And God city and tower sons men(part) build(perf part) auxilary(past)-rel-3sing in-order-to see down went.
  • 6. And God "behold(1 pl)! one only people(part) are-they, and this only start(part) their do(vn) is, and everything want(int future)-they-rel do(future)-possible-they". Note the Athomine idiom for "only one", i.e. "one only" plus the partitive.

"go(imp)-we down and confuse(imp)-we-3sing their(part) speak(pres vn), so-that not each-other(dat) understand(ext pl)-they-3sing. 7. Note the choice of the external of "understand" here.

  • 7. And God there on surface(gen) world(part) scattered-he-them, and building tower(part) forsook(ext)-they-it.
  • 8. Therefore name Babel to-it-gave-indef-it, beacuse there God speech people(part) confused-he-it, and there on surface(gen) world(part) scattered-he-them.

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