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Aran'Esei is a fictional language which was created by a person called " Eric the Best " beginning in 2002. The language was influenced by Chinese and Arabic, and at one point had approximately 113 words in its lexicon. Unfortunately, during the fall of LangMaker and the death of Geocities, most of the information available on this language was lost. Only a translation of the Babel text which dates from 2004 remains.

Babel Text

1. Wan le duo dilor daah ino lingaa eh a saalm lingaa.
2. Seht par’ren divna ou te’a duo’naa a paa’aalei zah Shinar eh divna din’foun
3. Alai telaa apar’ren kum rik eh kum te’a men kimon,” te’a sei ta apar’ren. Te’a quu rik eis touo, eh taar rou’tan m’taar."
4. Alai telaa apar’ren kum telaa a kito, thei to’waar neise touk le Hei’awaan, soyi O’yan men wei’h kum a wa rou’tan o’yan men eh bu shir se’kaa zah duo dilor,” la’aal te’a men sei."
5. Ke le LORD alai ta kaan le kito eh le to’waar apar’ren wei’aa kum.
6. "Ru’ala aas ino par’ren sei a saalm lingaa te’a men eiwah se’taa ta kum jeise, la’aal nodu coshi tiwa’er oe bu hui rou’tan te’a men,” le LORD sei."
7. "Aalai, telaa apar’ren shuu shia eh kum bu’ah’lao te’a men de lingaa soyi te’a bu shir’uu ae’aa ope."
8. "Soyi le LORD se’kaa te’a men foeru din’foun zah duo dilor, eh te’a men bu kum le kito."
9. Neise shir or’wei jel shir’aa wa BABEL – yinwei din’foun le LORD kum bu’ah’lao le lingaa o le duo dilor. Le LORD se’kaa te’a men foeru din’foun zah duo dilor.

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