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Ajyrkety is an a priori fictional artlang. It was begun in 2006 by Wyatt Hess, and is associated with a conworld called Karþreîa. It follows an SVO order.

A daughter language of Ajyrkety, called Karþreîate, also exists.

Aside from a Babel Text translation, nothing else can be found on the web about this language.

Babel Text

1. Ŵay ym layða karþæ bakyd-eb ym solt mylnyt.
(now)(the)(whole)(world)(use + past)(the)(same)(language).
1. Now the whole world used the same language.

2. Den ym hwman-ez xapatæ-eb hras-ra, seldvøs cwngaradðe-eb lem comoso vael-oy ym Cynár-ez-tw gret, zw'e amyet-eb jamem.
(as)(the)(human + foreign)(move + past)(east + adv.),(they)(find + past)(a)(plain)(in + prep.)(the)(Shinar + foreign + adj.)(land),(and)(settle + past)(there).
2. As the humans moved east, they found a plain in the land of Shinar, and settled there.

3. Seldvøs-læ dereng-eb daz-oy "Jálavøs logy'e-co geræsecent", zw'e seldvøs bakyd-eb geræsecent taj ecent zw'e mogra taj heusecent.
(they + reflex.)(say + past)(to + prep.)"(we)(make + fut.)(brick)",(and)(they)(use + past)(brick)(for)(stone)(and)(tar)(for)(mortar).
3. They said to each other "We will make bricks", and they used bricks for stone and tar for mortar.

4. Seldvøs dereng-eb "Jálavøs-læ toreca-co taj-oy lem verŷes, zw'e lem tezyda seld-aje koz narat-co ym tezher, zw'e jálavøs-læ logy'e-co taj-oy lem baly, xa'o jálavøs raz-co pwlaŵay-he bol-oy ym Ørþ-ez."
(they)(say + past)"(we + reflex.)(build + fut.)(for + prep.)(a)(city),(and)(a)(tower)(it + rel.)(top)(reach + fut.)(the)(sky),(and)(we + reflex.)(make + fut.)(for + prep.)(a)(name),(or)(we)(be + fut.)(scatter + past part.)(across + prep.)(the)(Earth)."
4. They said "We will build for ourselves a city, and a tower whose top will reach the sky, and and we will make for ourselves a name, or we will be scattered across the Earth."

5. Ym kaŷate haerm-eb zy-ra gaytan-øn ym verŷes zw'e ym tezyda xws-aje ym hwman-ez toreca-om.
(the)(god)(come + past)(down + adv.)(see + inf.)(the)(city)(and)(the)(tower)(that + rel.)(the)(human)(build + pluperfect).
5. The god came down to see the city and the tower that the humans had built.

6. Ym kaŷate dereng-eb "Gaytanray-sø, seldvøs raz-ka elem jalavøxw, zw'e seldvøs resem-ka ym solt mylnyt, zw'e gan raz-ka pede seldvøs forata-ka kynos-øn, zw'e ábyma ŵay-ra raz-co gorwena-yby taj-oy séldvøsel."
(the)(god)(say + past)"(look + imp.),(they)(be + pres.)(one)(people),(and)(they)(have + pres.)(the)(same)(language),(and)(this)(be + pres.)(what)(they)(begin + pres)(do + inf.),(and)(nothing)(now + adv.)(be + fut.)(possible + neg.)(for + prep.)(them)."
6. The god said "Look, they are one people, and they have the same language, and this is what they begin to do, and now nothing will be impossible for them."

7. "Jala toerm-co zy-ra zw'e dŵejgánanen-ka seldvøs-to mylnyt, y’o seldvøs-to-læ gananytso-aba-co melna."
"(I)(go + fut.)(down + adv.)(and)(confuse + pres.)(they + poss.)(language),(so)(they + poss. + reflex.)(understand + neg. + fut.)(speech)."
7. "I will go down and confuse their language, so they will not understand each other's speech."

8. Y'o ym kaŷate pwlaŵay-eb séldvøsel bol-oy ym layða Ørþ-ez dev-oy jamem, zw'e seldvøs farvoga-eb toreca-ge ym verŷes.
(so)(the)(god)(scatter + past)(them)(across + prep)(the)(whole)(Earth)(from + prep)(there),(and)(they)(stop + past)(build + pres. part.)(the)(city).
8. So the god scattered them from there across the whole Earth, and they stopped building the city.

9. Y'otama seld-to baly raz-eb "Beybel-ez", pagy ym kaŷate dŵejgánanen-eb ym layða Ørþ-ez-to mylnyt jamem, zw'e ym kaŷate pwlaŵay-eb séldvøsel bol-oy ym layða Ørþ-ez dev-oy jamem.
(therefore + adv.)(it + poss.)(name)(be + past)"(Babel + foreign)", (because)(the)(god)(confuse + past)(the)(whole)(Earth + foreign + poss.)(language)(there),(and)(the)(god)(scatter + past)(them)(across + prep)(the)(whole)(Earth)(from + prep)(there).
9. Therefore its name was "Babel", because there the god confused the language of the whole Earth, and from there the god scattered them across the whole Earth.

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