A Administrative Divisions

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  • Administrative districts. There are four administrative districts, known as demes (δήμ).
  • The Holy Mountain (Αγιʹ Όρ) itself.
  • The island of Amoulián (Αμουλιάν).
  • The Lowland (Πεδίν Σκωτ) is divided into two districts by a line running down the center of the peninsula:
    • Prosforion (Προςψόριον) on the western shore.
    • Aktí (Ακτί) on the eastern shore.
  • Towns
    • There are three towns, one village and one gendarmery post in the Monastic Republic.
      • Towns (πoλ)
        • Prosforion (Προςψόριον) is on the bay side of the peninsula, close to the border of the Holy Mountain.
        • b. Aktí (Ακτί) is on the sea side of the peninsula and is the center for the beach crowd.
        • c. Amoulián (Αμουλιάν) is on the island of the same name. It can be reached by ferry from Prosforion.
      • Village (χορί).
        • Karyes (Κάριες), the capital, is on the Holy Mountain.
  • Gendarmerie post (χωροφυλάκ βας)
    • Dafni (Δάφνι) is the port for the Holy Mountain, located on the bay side. The Holy Mountain is accessible only by ferry from Prosforion. A detachment of gendarmes is stationed there to monitor the entrance to and exit from the Holy Mountain.