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Used to write Sohlob, Kidilib and Linjeb.

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  • The diacritical marks -- the superscript dot for changing pronunciation and the underscore to indicate digraphs -- were usually only used to resolve perceived risk of incorrect reading. In practice Sohlob writing was often ambiguous, since a scribes perception of risk of incorrect reading may differ from his readers'.
  • The digraphs yd ys yt using y to indicate c, ç, j were normal in Kidilib writing, while the alternative graphies j ç c or z x xt were usual in Classical Sohlob and Heleb. Linjeb did not have these sounds. Lindjeb also sometimes used ir ry to write /l/.
  • Kidilib did not distinguish æ æ and e e, but used the unadorned letter e for /ɛ/.
  • The signs for voiceless stops K T P using a superimposed h h were the usual ones in Linjeb. In the other dialects voiceless and voiced stops were not usually distinguished in writing.
  • The form s for s looking like hh was in fact the usual one. The form S looking like an h with a dot was only used where a scribe had inadvertently omitted one of the strokes of s.
  • Lindjeb used a further digraph iu ui to write /y/. Sometimes ü, which in the other dialects would be read as w was used.

The phrase bolhos qreç at the bottom of the image is a misspelling for bolhos qres serq sohlob. I'm going to fix that eventually!