Sohlob languages and dialects (Sohldar)

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The family tree of the Sohlob languages or dialects.

The time depth between Kijeb and the lowest nodes is at the most 2000 years, and mutual comprehension is generally possible between the varieties in the central group, Kidilib, Nandrab and Heleb, and Classical, which functions as the High and literary variety of Heleb and Nandrab. The term Nandrab was variously used by Sohlçan grammarians both for the common ancestor of Heleb and southern dialects, and for the unwritten contemporary dialects spoken by the rural population of the Helandar valley, which probably were transitional between Kidilib and Heleb.

It was a disputed question whether the speech that formed the basis of Classical Sohlob was really the ancestor of Heleb, or represented a third node in the Helandrab/Eastern group. Some even held that Classical Sohlob was an entirely artificial literary language, based on written Middle Kidilib but heavily influenced by Eastern varieties.