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The middle dot is also known by the names interpunct, interpoint, centered (centred) dot and space dot. The dot operator ⋅ (U+22C5) may also be called middle dot.[1] In ancient Latin and several other scripts, the middle dot was used instead of space for separating words.[2]

Middle Dot in Unicode

Characters with Middle Dot
· Ŀ ŀ
U+00B7 U+013F U+0140
Middle Dot Latin Capital Letter L With Middle Dot Latin Small Letter L With Middle Dot
Note: May be confused with Modifier Letter Half Triangular Colon, ˑ (U+02D1); Bullet, • (U+2022); Bullet Operator, ∙ (U+2219); Dot Operator, ⋅ (U+22C5); or Hyphenation Point, ‧ (U+2027).

Middle Dot in Natlangs

Uses of Middle Dot
Usage Language Letters Notes
Digraph disambiguation Catalan Ŀl ŀl /lː/ Ll ll without middle dot stands for /ʎ/.[3]

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