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Note that this diacritic may be confused with cedilla ¸. The comma below derives from a small cursive z placed under the base character.[1] Some of the precomposed characters that are listed as having a cedilla in Unicode, have in practice commas. See Cedilla for those characters.

Comma Below in Unicode

Characters with Comma Below
◌̦ Ș ș Ț ț
U+0326 U+0218 U+0219 U+021A U+021B
Combining Comma Below Latin Capital Letter S With Comma Below Latin Small Letter S With Comma Below Latin Capital Letter T With Comma Below Latin Small Letter T With Comma Below

Comma Below in Natlangs

Uses of Comma Below
Usage Language Letters Notes
Affrication Moldovan (obsolete orthography), Romanian (obsolete orthography) D̦d̦ /z, dz, ds/, Țț /t͡s/ D̦d̦ was abandoned in 1904.[2] Note that there is no precomposed form of it.
Moldovan (current orthography), Romanian (current orthography) Țț /t͡s/
Postalveolar consonant Albanian (Istanbul alphabet) X̦x̦ /dʒ/ Note that X̦x̦ is not a precomposed letter. Unaccented Xx stood for /dz/. It is unclear if this diacritic is supposed to be a comma or a cedilla, which is found on other Albanian letters (see Cedilla). The Istanbul alphabet is no longer in use.[3]
Moldovan, Romanian Șș /ʃ/

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