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This is the smooth breathing (psilon pneuma, psili, spiritus lenis) diacritic which was used in Greek to mark the absence of an initial /h/.[1] The diacritic has been adopted into some Latin alphabets as well. There are no precomposed letters with comma above.

Comma Above in Unicode

Characters with Comma Above
᾿ ◌̓
U+1FBF U+0313
Greek Psili Combining Comma Above

Comma Above in Natlangs

Uses of Comma Above
Usage Language Letters Notes
Ejective consonant Heiltsuk-Oowekyala (Heiltsuk dialect, official orthography) P̓p̓ /pʼ/, T̓t̓ /tʼ/, C̓c̓ /t͡sʼ/, ƛ̓ /t͡ɬʼ/, K̓k̓ /kʼ/, K̓v k̓v /kʼʷ/, Q̓q̓ /qʼ/, Q̓v q̓v /qʼʷ/ The uppercase version of ƛ̓ is an upside down capital barred Y with comma above, but this is not a letter that is included in Unicode.[2] It is unclear if K̓k̓ is palatalized or not. See [2] and [3]
Heiltsuk-Oowekyala (Heiltsuk dialect, Rath's orthography) P̓p̓ /pʼ/, T̓t̓ /tʼ/, C̓c̓ /t͡sʼ/, T̓h t̓h /t͡ɬʼ/, K̓k̓ /kʼ/, K̓v k̓v /kʼʷ/, Q̓q̓ /qʼ/, Q̓v q̓v /qʼʷ/ It is unclear if K̓k̓ is palatalized or not. See [2] and [3].
Glottalized phoneme Heiltsuk-Oowekyala (Heiltsuk dialect, official orthography and Rath's orthography) A̓a̓ /aˀ/, H̓h̓ /hˀ/, I̓i̓ /iˀ/, L̓l̓ /lˀ/, Ḷ̓ḷ̓ /l̩ˀ/, M̓m̓ /mˀ/, Ṃ̓ṃ̓ /m̩ˀ/, N̓n̓ /nˀ/, Ṇ̓ṇ̓ /n̩ˀ/, U̓u̓ /uˀ/, W̓w̓ /wˀ/, Y̓y̓ /jˀ/ It is unclear what H̓h̓ represents. See [2] and [3].

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