LoCoWriMo/July 2011

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Participant Conlang Word Count Writing Tools Synopsis
Arthaey Angosii Lhenazi 44 entries my beta conlang app 44 mini short story, one for each character of the syllabary
Julia Simon Imash English version: around 1000 words. Imash version: far fewer; exact number difficult to predict in a heavily agglutinative language. VIM/LaTeX Imash mythology: "The Secret of the Grass Flowers"
Aaron Wood Sandic Whatever happens Google Docs, pen and paper The story of a very eventful trip to the zoo.
D.B. "Fictions" Fictin Whatever I can manage Google Docs/Pen and Paper Some kind of report on an aspect of the conculture associated with the language or a bit of mythology, whatever I feel like at the time.
Zach W. Ḷaá Siri I'll shoot for 750. MS Word I think a detailed creation story as it would be told by a speaker would be fun.
shirkamisamyogai Konalkepota I have no earthly idea. skmsyg.proboards, conlang2.arthaey.com, notepad, pen/paper, Awkwords Word Gen, OpenOffice Spreadsheet and Text Doc I will most likely write a short story, or a scene--perhaps a creation story. We'll see.
Eliza B. Rtakai 500 (tentatively) Paper and Word A Ngatai woman talks and shares cultural stories with a fellow traveller.