Яжык Аркеоский (Jažyk Arkéoskij)

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Arkéan [aɾ.'ke.n̩] or Arkéo [aɾ.'ke.o] is a language spoken by the nation of Arkhéo. The language has gone through many chnges and spelling reforms, and it will continue to evolve.


Before Arkæo became it's own nation, It was a part of larger country know Verkhazi. This nation was a gloabal superpower in the continent of Se'Ashiran and ruled the Verkhazi Empire. However, eventually through fierce resistance from it's enemies, The Khamuhiyot Nation, the empire faced eventual collapse, and the nation was split into two; one nation became Arkhæo, and the other became Chanar /'ʃænaɹ/

Ålkavat (alphabet)

The Arkéan Language uses three writings systems:

  • The Ålkavat Romaźa Ålfyśa (Official Romanization Alphabet), used for teaching and informal writing.
  • The Ålkavat Cyrylys Ålfyśa (Official Cyrillic Alphabet), used for formal writing.
  • The Ålkavat Arkéoskij Ålfyśa (Official Arkhean Alphabet) is used for "sacred" writings, government documents, and sometimes very formal writing. The name of the script is derived from the first four letters of Arkhéan's ancestor language, Verkhaza. The letters were Ál, Ka, Vāw and Hīt.


Arkhean Language contains a large phonemic inventory. Most of the sounds it contains are shared with many Slavic languages, as well as sharing palatal secondary articulation. This language also contains a phoneme not found in any native language, the lateral trill, which is represented by the IPA as /ɺ͡r/ and Orthographically as <Ŀ ŀ>.


Vowel Phonemes
Front Central Back
Close i ɨ u
Close-mid e o
Mid ə
Open-mid ɛ ɔ
Open a
IPA Letter Example
a a bra,father, cot, bad
e e bet
ɛ é bay, face
o o road
ɔ ó or, for, cot
u u zoo
ə ë under
i i bee
ɨ y roses
aj aj cry
ɔj oj boy, joy
  • Vowel "A" becomes /ə/ when unstressed.
Followed by an R...
IPA letters Example
ɪər ýr ear, fear
ɛər ĕr air, fair
ɔr or for, pour
ɛr yr butter

Allophony Arkhean Allophony only occurs with vowels:

  • /æ/ is an allophone of /a/, word initially and before /l/, and occurs after /ɬ/ and /ɮ/.
  • /ɐ/ is an allophone of /ə/ when followed by plosives.
  • /ɪ/ is an allophone of /ɨ/ when it is word-initial.


Consonant Phonemes
Bilabial Labio-


Alveolar Post-




Velar Uvular Glottal
hard soft hard soft hard soft hard soft
Nasal m n ɲ
Stop p b pʲ bʲ t d tʲ dʲ k ɡ kʲ ɡʲ
Affricate t͡s d͡z t͡sʲ d͡zʲ t͡ʃ d͡ʒ [t͡ɕ d͡ʑ]
Fricative f v fʲ vʲ s z sʲ zʲ ʃ ʒ [ɕ ʑ] x [ɣ] χ [ʁ] h
Approximant ɹ~ɾ [1] j
Lateral Approximant l
Lateral Trill ɺ͡r
  1. The Arkhéan <R r> can be either an Alveolar Approximant [ɹ] or an Alveolar Tap [ɾ], as both consonant sounds are used in Free-Variation, meaning they can be used interchangeably without changing the meaning of the word, and only relies on the preference of the speaker.
IPA Letter Example

(in english)

m m met
mj music
n n name
ɲ ň new
p p pot
pj pure
b b ban
bj no english equvalent
t t tan
tj no english equivalent
r r ran, red, rot, car
d d dad
dj dew, adeiu
k k sky
kj cute
x ǩ loch
g g gone
gj argue
d͡ʒ judge
d͡ʑ no english equivalent
f f fat
fj fjord
v v van
ts c bats
tsʲ cj no english equivalent
s s sun
sj no english equivalent
z z zeal
zj somewhat like in zeal
ʃ š shun
ʒ ž beige
ʑ ź pleasure
h h head
l l lad
ɺ͡r ŀ no english equivalent
č cheese
χ ȟ no english equivalent
d͡z dz beds