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Yoman 'Oha is a sketch by Fenhl based on a sketch of an entirely nasal language he once saw on CBB which was called 'Oha or similar. It is spoken by the Testificates (humanoid Minecraft NPCs) on Wurstmineberg, in contrast to the unnamed language spoken by the Players, which (like A Song of Ice and Fire's Common or Senn's spoken Siinyamda) is represented by other languages, in this case variously German, English, Wanya, or Viossa.


Inspired by 'Oha and the nasal grunting noises used as testificate sound effects in the game, Yoman 'Oha is an entirely nasal language, with the “vowels” being tonal variations of the sound [m], and consonants being produced by obstructing the air flow through the nose instead of through the mouth (although nasal equivalents of [ħ ʕ h ʔ] exist as well).

All IPA in the table below is an approximation.

Description IPA Orthography
vowel with low tone o
vowel with rising tone a
vowel with high tone ḿ i
vowel with falling tone u
voiceless glottal plosive ʔ '
voiceless glottal fricative h h
voiceless pharyngeal fricative ħ x
voiced pharyngeal fricative ʕ r