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Waranyebara remis, literally meaning "Area north of the Waranye" in Mirselec, is an area of Isana, in its northeast and bounded by the Old Walls, forming its northern boundary, and the Waranye river to the south.

The area of Waranyebara was one of the first areas to be considered part of Isana, forming the former merchants' quarter of the city; even now, two and a half centuries on, that economic legacy is easily seen in the buildings of the area. Famous for being a religious centre of modern-day Isana, it has scores of shrines and temples, as well as many other old districts, and is often touted as being representative of Isana as it was before the changes of the Ibakizaro. During the Fourth Global War the area was heavily bombed, but after the war efforts were made to restore the area rather than redevelop it.

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