Vertical Line Below

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No actual precomposed letters with this diacritic actually exist.

Vertical Line Below in Unicode

Characters with Vertical Line Below
ˌ ◌̩
U+02CC U+0329
Modifier Letter Low Vertical Line Combining Vertical Line Below
Note: Whether this can be said to be the non-combining version of vertical line below is open to debate. This character is used for marking secondary stress in IPA, while combining vertical line below is used for marking syllabic consonants in IPA.

Vertical Line Below in Natlangs

Uses of Vertical Line Below
Usage Language Letters Notes
Lowered vowel with retracted tongue root Yoruba (current Nigerian alphabet) E̩e̩ /ɛ̙/, O̩o̩ /ɔ̙/ The vertical line below replaced an earlier dot below. This is because the dots get covered when a word is underlined. In Benin, a different alphabet is used for Yoruba.[1]
Postalveolar consonant Yoruba (current Nigerian alphabet) S̩s̩ /ʃ/

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