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Conlang comparison page

I created a new Conlang comparison page to show how a posteriori conlangs relate to one another. I have currently created a Germanic section and Tauro-Piscean (my mainly Germanic conlang) sits on its own. Would you consider visiting the page and adding translations one or more of your conlangs? If not, you could translate the words in the list and I could do the dirty table work for you.

About the page "Our Father" you created

I've heard someone suggested that the title "Our Father" should be used as a page for displaying multilingual translation(espacially Conlangs) of the "Lord's Prayer"(more imformations, please go to the talk page of "Our Father" page you created), thus, not only for the conlang you created, and I think it's better to make another page, named "Our father(Vityng)", or others for your own conlangs. You can still display the Vityng translation of "Our Father" in the page "Our Father", but since it's better to be a page for multilingual translation(espacially Conlangs) of the "Lord's Prayer"(also named "Our Father"), you may add a title said it's a Vityng version of "Our Father".--KOS-MOS 21:27, 12 September 2007 (PDT)