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Notes on a revision of English orthography

Basic principles:

  • Institute two different spelling systems, one for native words and one for foreign ones. Or put differently, spell Germanic words Germanically and Romance words Romantically. (Give some way to discern orthographies, I'm thinking maybe use italics.) [This may not even be necessary. Who knows? I'll discard it for now.]
  • Morphophonemics is more important than strict phonemics, due to the prominence of stress alternation leading to different vowel realizations. (The ’lauts in foot/feet, swim/swam/swum, would have to be handled differently.) There may be cases where a morph has to be split though (?)
  • Faithfulness to traditional spelling (yes/no?) not sure
  • Character repertoire (low ascii / windows charset / higher unicode bits?) not sure
  • Oh yeah. And it's gotta match my idiolect >;)
Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation, Foer skoer ân se’n yeers âgo, ar fođđ’rs brot foerth âpon đis cóntinent â nu nation,
conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. concéved ân líberte ân dédicated tî đî próposition đîd ol men ar created equal.


Round them up, compare them to phonemics and phonetics, see if we can come up with anything consistent.

  • â (a; /@/, [∅])
  • âgo (ago, /@"go/, [go]).
  • ân (and, /@n/, [n=]).
  • ân (in, /@n/, [n=]).
  • âpon (upon, /@pAn/, [pAn]).
  • ar (are, /Ar/, [Ar]).
  • ar [or our?] (our; /Ar/, [Ar] or /{Ur/, [{wr=]).
  • br’ɴ, brot (bring, brought; /brN=/, /brAt/; [brN=], [brAt]).
  • concéve [or k’nseev?] (conceive, /kn="siv/, [k1~"siv]
  • cóntinent [or kontân’nt?] (continent, /"[email protected]=t/, ["kA~tn1~t])
  • creáte [or kreaet?] (create, /kri"et/, [kri"et])
  • dédicate [or dedâkaet?] (dedicate, /"[email protected]/, ["dEdket])
  • đî (the; /D1/, [d_d1]).
  • đît (that; /D1t/, [d_d1t]); đîd before vowels.
  • đis (this, /DIs/, [d_dIs]).
  • equal [or equ’l] (equal, /"ikwl=/, ["ikwl=]).
  • fođđ’r (father, /"fADr=/, ["fADr=]).
  • foer (four, /for/, [fOr(=)]).
  • foerth (/forT/, [fOrT]).
  • líberte [or libb’rde] (liberty, /"lIbr=di/, ["libr=4i]
  • man pl. men (man, /m{n/, [m{n]).
  • nation [or naex’n?] (nation, /"neSn=/, ["neSn=]).
  • próposition [or propâsix’n?] (proposition, /"[email protected]=/, ["prApzISn=]
  • nu (new, /nu/, [nu])
  • ol (all, /Al/, [Al]).
  • se’n (seven, /sEn=/, [sEn=]).
  • skoer (score, /skor/, [skOr(=)]).
  • (to, /t1/, [t1]).
  • yeer pl. yeers (year, /yir/, [yir=]).