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Jashan A'al
Summary: Late 20s Caucasian female (lesbian) conlanger & original fiction/fantasy writer. Jashan is originally from Oklahoma, USA, but has resided in Flanders, Belgium since June 2007.
Birth: 1979; Oklahoma, USA
Profession: Web developer (PHP, Plone)
Natural languages: English (native), Dutch, French
Created conlangs: Tsaran


Ilythiiri Alurl



Continental English

Other conlangs: None
Interests: Languages, vegetarianism, martial arts, fitness/health, gay/lesbian studies, RPGs (D&D)

Jashan A'al is a name itself taken from an unnamed (and now lost) conlang, meaning "twilight" or "bridge." I am primary a conlanger and dabble in concultures, rather full-scale conworlds.

I study and create conlangs with a variety of aims: to create aesthetically pleasing languages, to learn more about a specific type of language, to experiment with the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis, or for religious designs. I have been seeking a "perfect" (used very loosely) conlang for the expression of my religious and philosophical ideas, for several years.

My two most establish conlangs are Etora and Psharádi (Modern Tsaran). They share a nearly-identical vocabulary but are radically different in grammatical structure. Etora is gendered [human/animate/inanimate], case-declining [nom/acc/dat/abl], and SOV structure; Psharádi is ungendered, uncased, and SVO order (save in certain situations).

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