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Birth: 1990, northern Poland
  • E-commerce specialist
  • Analyst, trader
  • Linguistic education as background
Natural languages:
  • Polish: native
  • English: fluent
  • Russian: intermediate
  • Spanish: passive basic
My conlangs:
My conworlds:
  • Kyon (founder), within it, Tangia, Sekht, Pinu, Nuaria
  • joint-venture within Kyon of Buania and Mokutia
  • Haivoori and Ahtialia in it
  • Orahero and Atuanv
  • scrapped Ahari project
  • Travelling
  • Photography
  • Bicycle rides
  • Cultures of northern Asia

Conlanger and conworlder since the age of six. Today, at 30, I'm a conworlder, con-cartographer, I simulate civilisational and economic development of conworlds, a conlanger. I'm 90% conworlding, 10% conlanging, though it used to be reversed in the past. I founded the Kyon conworlding/conlanging project that at its peak in 2017, twelve people were working on, and which, after a period of lower activity, has been going through its renaissance since 2020. My top languages are Ayu, Ahtialan, Sechtonese. My top worldbuilding project is Kyon, with country Tangia in it.