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Birth: March 16, 1993 - Bad Friedrichshall, Germany
Profession: student
Natural languages: German, southern South Franconian, English, Latin, Italian, a bit Spanish, Romontsch Sursilvan, Turkish, Middle / Old High German, Dutch, minimal (!) pieces of Hungarian, Finnish, Eastern Mari, Danish, Lithuanian, Chinese, Japanese, Navajo, Kalaallisut, Lakhota, Hindi, Gothic, Old English, Old Norse and more ...
Created conlangs:
  • Nician - Romance language between Italian and French and Catalan. Unfortunately I lost all the GMP, grammar and lexicon. Hmpft.
  • Imstian Dialects - Group of Upper German Dialects in Germany, Austrian and Italy. Still in progress.
  • And many more wanting to be shown here. Some day. Maybe when those dialects are finished.
Other conlangs: Islysian, Wenedyk, Brithenig, Old Jermench, Itëłan, all that a posteriori stuff ... and Kazujisha =)
Interests: Linguistics, politics, religious philosophy, all that nerdy stuff, except programming. And collecting language guides of the German Kauderwelsch series. Currently more than 90, including Northern Sami, Cornish, Low and Upper Sorbian, Maya, Nahuatl, Guaraní, Quechua (both Ayacuchano and Cuzqueño), New Egyptian, Xhosa, Chichewa, Dari, Tunisian Arabian and Tamasheq. =)