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Hi, my name is Marco Bucchianeri and I'm a 35 year-old Italian man.

Na'saj, ni a'noym Marco Bucchianeri - Zdravite, jimenujo se Marco Bucchianeri, - Śdrafţië, kajal nimi õłokost Marco Bucchianeri - Здрафөиë, кайал ними õљокост Марко Букианери - Ça, I mi çam Marco Bucchianeri - Ehoj, Marco Bucchianeri wamus - Lë bheroc t'ełëm, le bhe ë seɸo go Marco Bucchianeri - Axi, Marco Bucchianeri myso læ - Cyao, Marco Bucchianeri vocer - Eh, ul Marco Bucchianeri ńīm!

I've been a conlang maker since I was 16 years old, when I created my first (nameless) conlang, a curious mix of Italian, German, English and French lexicon based on Latin and German morphology rules. My conlanging activity kept on developing in these years, during which I started studying foreign languages (Slavic ones) and Linguistics.

These are my conlangs and other related pages: