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Distance from sun: 0.7834 AU
Year length: 230.0 Tiró days
(253.263815 earth days)
Sidereal day: 26.4699585 hours
Solar day: 26.3553699 hours
Diameter: 12794 km
(7949.8 mi)
Surface area: 514,236,105 km2
(198,546,520 mi2)
Axial tilt: 27.202355 degrees
Mass: 5840.6 Yg
(0.977729175 earths)
Gravity: 9.52556983 m/s2
Number of moons: 2 (Cetí and Aarð)

Tiró is part of a conworld created by Navidel. It is the smaller member of a double planetary system, and, together with Aarð, forms part of the second planet from its parent star. Tiró is a name given to the planet by the Aasti people of Aarð, and is not an autonym. The planet has a mass of 5840.6 Yg. Its small moon, Cetí, actually orbits the barycenter of Tiró and Aarð.