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Spoken in: various countries
Timeline/Universe: Danny Wier's future history
Total speakers: unknown
Genealogical classification: Nostratic
Basic word order: VSO
Morphological type: fusional
Morphosyntactic alignment: mixed
Created by:
Danny Wier 1997-

Tech is a conlang by Danny Wier, spoken by a kind of Elves in a near-future world and based on the Nostratic hypothesis. The language is only known from various posts to the CONLANG mailing list, according to which it is a very complex language with a large phoneme inventory; it has been compared to Ithkuil and characterized as a kitchen sink conlang.



Tech is famed for its rich consonant inventory. One version Danny Wier posted on February 23, 2000 included as many as 327 consonants, involving secondary articulations such as palatalization and labialization. Later, Danny systematized the consonant inventory and arrived at a more moderate (though still rich) inventory of phonemes, with most of the "phonemes" of earlier incarnations being merely allophones of these phonemes.

According to a post from July 9, 2001, the consonant phonemes of Old Tech are:

  Bilabial Alveolar or dental Post-
Retroflex Palatal Velar Uvular Pharyngeal Glottal
central lateral
Plosive ejective     ʈʼ     ʔ
voiceless p t     ʈ   k q    
voiced b d     ɖ   ɡ ɢ    
Affricate ejective   tsʼ tɬʼ tʃʼ            
voiceless   ts            
voiced   dz            
Fricative voiceless   s ɬ ʃ ʂ       ħ h
voiced                 ʕ  
Nasal m n     ɳ ɲ ŋ      
Trill   r     ɽ          
Approximant w   l   ɭ j        


Like the consonant inventory, the vowel inventory of Tech has for long been in flux, with (again) very large inventories having been considered by the author. According to the aforementioned post from July 9, 2001:

Front Central Back
Close i   u
Mid e ə o
Open   a  


Little can be found on Tech grammar. But apparently, the language is heavily fusional, using consonantal roots similar to Semitic, ablaut and affixation.

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