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Formed:3700s (in Amade)

The Raspara saw the vulnerability emerging in the south and began to move towards the capital city in the hopes of obtaining control of the entire empire.

The Rasparas' new economic plan was closely patterned after AlphaLeap's failed attempt to seize control of the empire's economy. They believed the Leapers' mistakes were chiefly in their military policies, and that their economic model was sound.

The Raspara did not endorse child labor as a good thing in and of itself, but said that given the extremely high birthrate of the Player party, it would be unnatural not to put those children to work.

The Rasparas interfaced directly with Player children and those of the new splinter parties that had recently arisen; by winning debates against children, the Raspara hoped to make many converts. They found the Player children amazingly stubborn -- a characteristic they felt might have helped them defeat the Leapers -- but the Raspara used strategies that the Leapers had not. For example, the Raspara offered to make alliances with some of the small Play-derived parties against others, giving the impression that they viewed their young adversaries as equals.

  1. Labor: Children who start their careers in the nursery will be experts by the time they reach adolescence. Child labor should be universal and the children should be divided by their intended career early on.