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note to self

if i post this onto my website, i may change the names to Rirasa and Wurpera (from Pabappa), and then rename the countries after their operating systems. This would be insincere if it were still part of my conworld, but for a stranded story, essentially any names can work, .... and this also would continue my original idea in which the names of the operating systems were simply CamiOS and WamiOS. (Though I dont know if i thought about capitalization since those both look odd.) Soap (talk) 10:01, 20 June 2020 (PDT)

Maybe I just had the company names .... Camiotech and Wamiotech.

this article is already long, but could be much longer if i revive every idea from my childhood, from the exploding Camian computers (sic!!) to the printers that can only print one pixel per minute. this would put the initial creation date all the way back to first grade, well before I created the Camia/Wamia split, but still part of the same world in my mind.

Random comment

I happened to read a little bit of this by chance, and just had to say that it was hilarious. :D
--Qwynegold (talk) 09:45, 27 June 2020 (PDT)