Subdivisions of Risevne

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The nation of Risevne is divided into 43 Provinces (Denai) and 3 Designated Cities (Nori), as well as three so-called "departments" (Alzer) for offshore islands, one each for the east, west, and south. Therefore in total there are 49 provincial-level areas. Provinces are in turn divided into prefectures (Kine) and then counties (Wase).

The provinces of Risevne have both a number and a name, and in published lists are published according to numerical order. Cities, on the other hand, have no number and are simply addressed by name. The provincial-level territories are:






The three Departments are governmental agencies for the governing of the Risevan Outer Islands, divided into three zones: East, West, and South.

Eastern Islands Department

Western Islands Department

Southern Islands Department


South Masalne

1. Ostema Province

2. Eonis Province

3. Inezama Province

4. Feladmena Province

5. Ngaba Province

6. Horeston Province

7. Enimdanoi Province

8. Ofalna Province

9. Abanamide Province

10. Osbane Province

Central Masalne

11. Baseniga Province

12. Serteni Province

13. Osagona Province

14. Naguse Province

15. Lyonaske Province

16. Pires Province

17. Besurgana Province

18. Hadamfe Province

19. Lorudac Province

20. Neiberin Province

21. Hyomeniga Province

North Masalne

22. Tineye Province

23. Tasenir Province

24. Imerte Province

25. Darnevgana Province


Southern Agalmare

26. Hisani Province

27. Mignero Province

28. Kalsamda Province

29. Seke Province

30. Neyarba Province

31. Basene Province

32. Savmic Province

Central Agalmare

33. Bordilne Province

34. Nanka Province

35. Mermeinas Province

36. Atastarne Province

Western Agalmare

37. Bifeno Province

38. Sonaira Province

39. Mongar Province

40. Dunise Province

41. Toringed Province

42. Usaldo Province

43. Gaimoye Province