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Timeline/Universe -
Period 2012–
Spoken in Republic of Cœlophyce
Total speakers ~5
Writing system Latin script
Classification Sinos-Koelic languages
Basic word order SVO
Morphology Isolating
Alignment -
Created by Clayton Williams & Jack Bevolo
[ edit ]

The Silōs language is an a priori natlang spoken exclusively within the First Cœlophycian Republican Kingdom. It is largely an isolating language, with occasional productive affixes and compound words. Silōs belongs to the Sinos-Koelic language family, therefore related to the Carichendan and Sinushyeinametiniq languages, moreso to the former.


The phonology of Silōs is simple, indeed very limited, having no velar consonants, no secondary articulation, and no phonemic voicing besides for the labiodental fricative. There are five phonemic vowels. In total, this makes for only 15 distinct phonemes, not counting the palatal approximant, which is considered a mere allophone of the vowel /i/.


  Bilabial Labio-
Alveolar Post-
Nasal m   n    
Plosive p   t    
Fricative   f  v s ʒ *<z>  
Flap     ɾ <r>    
Approximant     l   (j <i>)
  • *This is standard notation. <jh> and <ʒ> are recognized alternative notations.


  Front Central Back
Close i   u
Mid e   o <ō>
Open   a  

In addition, allophones of this system are few: phonemes are rarely realized with a different voicing, despite their free variation. The postalveolar fricative, moreover, mainly occurs in onomatopoeia (though not always).

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