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Pronunciation table

p b f v m t d þ ð ɫ l ż s z r n k g x ƣ h ȝ š i e a ǫ o u ĭ ĕ ŭ
/p/ /b/ /ɸ/ /β/ /m̥/ /m/ /t/ /d/ /θ/ /ð/ /l̥/ /l/ /ʦ/ /ʣ/ /s/ /z/ /ɾ̥/ /n/ /k/ /g/ /ç/ /ʝ/ /j̊/ /j/ /sʷ/ /sʲ/ /i/ /e/ /ä/ /ɒ/ /o/ /u/ /ɪ/ /ɛ/ /ʊ/


lat grk cyr arm geo dev gla run tng heb arb kat hir han
x χ ќ խ̣ ח
  • The tengwar are not visible on Frathwiki.


  1. P.N. = proper name, e.g., xasa̋þru, the mage guardian of the Children of Water.
  2. poly = a word having a meaning similar to that of the original lemma, e.g., xı̋fo, switch < xı̋fo, twig.
  3. These words are not numbered, as only lemmata are numbered.
  4. Words in red indicate an object or concept that did not exist in Sefdaania.
  5. At the end of each alphabetic section is a legend, e.g., Total: 34/19+5/71%. This means that there are 34 root words (lemmata) of which 19 are verbs and five are adjectives which can be treated as stative verbs. The last number means that 71% percent of the vocabulary is verbs.


  • x001 xa̋ita, 1. t.v. pop, puff; cuff, thump, whack. 2. i.v. pop, puff; thump, whack [?].
  • x002 xa̋ko, doll [> Turkish kavırčak, doll].
  • x003 xa̋l|a, 1. t.v., linger-, -away, delay, postpone, defer, put off, set aside. 2. i.v. delay, linger, loiter, tarry, defer [> Manchu a-, wait]. -e̋ȝ=a, t.v. belate, make late. =i, adj. belated. -i, adj. tardy, late, dilatory. -ra, delay, postponement, deferment. –vi, adv. late.
  • x004 xa̋no, pit [> English canal].
  • x005 xa̋po, harbor, port, haven [> English haven]. -fve̋e̋l̤u, harbormaster.
  • x006 xa̋ra, i.v. run off, flow down; subside [of water], ebb [of the tide].
  • x007 xa̋s|o, net(ting), gauze; network [> Manchurian asu, net]. -i, adj. reticular, reticulate.
  • P.N. xasa̋þru, the mage guardian of the Children of Water.
  • x008 xe̋e̋l|a, 1. t.v. charm, attract, allure; tempt. 2. i.v. appeal to [> English calumny]. -i, adj. alluring, charming, attractive. -ra, charm, attraction, fascination, allure, allurement, appeal; temptation.
  • x009 xe̋f|i, adj. delicate, fragile, frail, fine [> Japanese kobot-, break]. –ta, delicacy, fragility, frailness. –to, delicacy.
  • x010 xe̋|ȝa, 1. t.v. inherit. 2. i.v. inherit [> Lithuanian sueirī̃-s, widower]. –iȝűm̃o, hereditary right. –ikoovle̋uðu, hereditary nobility. -ilu, heir, successor; oa̋þu ~, heir presumptive. –im̃e̋ko, heirloom. -im̃i, adj. hereditary. –iþűno, gene. –ita, heredity. -ȝa, inheritance. -ȝasűru, crown prince. –ȝaþo, adj. congenital. -ȝi, adj. inheritable. -ȝo, heritage, inheritance, bequest, legacy.
  • x011 xe̋m|a, 1. t.v. tool. 2. i.v. tool.-a, postp. with, by (means of). -o, instrument, implement, device.
  • x012 xe̋n|i, adj. thin, spare, skinny; rare; infertile [land] [> Japanese komaká-i, thin]. -ta, thinness. –u, adv. thinly, scant, scantily.
  • x013 xe̋p|a, t.v. cost, price [> Korean gap, price]. -i, adj. costly. -o, cost, charge, price.
  • x014 xe̋|ra, t.v. pay back, repay, requite [> Japanese kotobuk-, celebrate]. -ro, refund. -r̈a, repayment, requital.
  • x015 xe̋s|a, t.v. spool [> Japanese kase, spool]. -o, spool.
  • poly xı̋fo, switch.
  • x016 xı̋ɫ|a, t.v. fetter, enfetter, shackle; captivate, fascinate, enthrall [> Turkish kesuan, fetters]. -lo, fetter(s), shackles, hobble, gyve.
  • x017 xísu, adv. what if [with sbj.] [> Etruscan xis, temporal-hypothetical conjunction].
  • x018 xőőm|a, t.v. pay respect(s) [> Korean kom/wap- (pay) respect].
  • x019 xoő|ra, t.v. ward (off), avert, repulse, repel, set back, forfend; parry [> Turkish korumak, protect]. -ro, ward, parry. -r̈a, aversion, setback.
  • x020 xő|fi, adj. absolute, utter, thorough [> Turkish köp, many]. -fta, absolute, thoroughness. -fvi, adv. absolutely, utterly, thoroughly, altogether, over.
  • x021 xől|i, adj. unique, special [> Georgian xolo, only]. –o, specialty. –ta, uniqueness, specialness. -vi, adv. especially.
  • x022 xőso, umbrella [> Japanese kása, umbrella].
  • x023 xőṡ|a, t.v. entangle, foul. -i, adv. afoul. -o, tangle.
  • x024 xőto, hut [Hydoran] Naikri khoṭa, cowshed].
  • poly xűűko, catch [of a buckle] [< xűűko, thorn].
  • x025 x|u, intrg. pron. who. -áálu, intrg. adv. how, in what way. -ár=u, intrg. adv. where. =þim, adv. whither. =þis, adv. whence. -ávu, intrg. adv. why. -i, intrg. adj. what, which. -ı̋mi, intrg. adj. what kind of. -o, intrg. pron. what, which; emph. how!, what (a)! -őt=i, intrg. adj. how-, -much, -many. =u, intrg. adv. how (+ adj.).
  • x026 xűl|a, 1. t.v. (color-, make-), -yellow. 2. i.v. (turn-, become-), -yellow [> Turkish kula, light yellow]. -i, adj. yellow. -ta, yellowness.
  • x027 xűm|a, t.v. carry on the head [> Telugu cumma, carrying pad]. -o, headpad.
  • x028 xűr|a, i.v. snore [> Georgian xvrinva, snore]. -o, snore.
  • x029 xűt|a, i.v. huddle. –o, huddle.
  • x030 x̌a̋a̋no, wet ground.
  • x021 x̌a̋ta, t.v. leech.
  • x032 x̨e̋m|i, adj. greedy [> Etruscan xiem, greed]. –ta, greed.
  • x033 x̨űűra, 1. t.v. (color-, make-), -auburn. 2. i.v. (turn-, become-), -auburn [> Turkish kızıl-, red].
  • x034 x̨űs|a, i.v. behave badly [> Turkish kızgınlık, anger]. –lu, brat. –o, bad habit. –ra, bad behavior.

Total: 34/19+5/71%